Statewide Transit


Open Plan conducted public engagement for the CDOT Statewide Transit Plan, this plan was used to inform the CDOT Statewide Transportation Plan which identified and evaluated passenger rail and express bus corridors throughout the state. The focus of the Statewide Transit Plan was on linking planned improvements with existing local transit providers. Created an interactive statewide database with over 3000 transit oriented and community contacts. Conducted targeted outreach to local transit providers, area agencies on aging, transit riders, veterans service agencies, workforce centers, paratransit providers, healthcare providers, and elected officials. Provided support and coordination of statewide open houses and work sessions for each Transportation Planning Region (TPR) including finding and scheduling meeting locations, creating and distributing flyers to identified contacts, schools, libraries, and transit agencies inside of each TPR. Responsible for preparing meeting materials for each open house and work session including agendas, handouts, posters and graphics. As well as providing meeting summaries to the project team. The Statewide Transit Plan aims to create an interconnected and comprehensive transit network across the entire state of Colorado.

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