Safe Routes to School Building Community Coalitions Grant


Open Plan managed large community-based coalitions in five selected Colorado towns for a two year CDOT Safe Routes to School pilot program called the Building Community Coalitions Grant. Served as the Colorado lead in implementing all statewide activities for non-profit Action for Healthy Kids, facilitated communications and coalition meetings, developed community tool kits, directed the competitive seed grant process and activated the SRTS target audiences in each community.

Open Plan Assisted in the development and implementation of community SRTS best practice evaluation strategies that include: coalition development tracking, grant program and project tracking, as well as the monitoring and approval of grant expenditures for each community. Recruitment efforts include the identification of missing stakeholders and the inclusion of outreach and recruitment activities into the community action plan. The community SRTS coalitions are composed of multi-disciplinary stakeholders including teachers, city or county officials, public health representatives, police, local business owners, parents, and school administrators. The project aims to increase the numbers of children walking and biking to school in each of the five selected communities through education and encouragement programs specifically tailored by each community according to their own problems identification and solution prioritization effort.

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