Evergreen Trails Master Plan


Open Plan managed planning, mapping, and public involvement for this local planning process sponsored by Jefferson County and the Downtown Evergreen Economic District (DEED). Focused on connecting the downtown area with surrounding library, schools, parks, and retail areas with a walkable/bikeable and Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) approved trails plan. Developed a Technical Working Group that included representatives from multiple Jefferson County Departments including Maintenance, Engineering, Land Planning, and Open Space, the Evergreen Parks and Recreation District, Denver Mountain Parks, Great Outdoors Colorado, and the Evergreen Alliance for Sustainability.

Open Plan conducted outreach to area stakeholders and residents through an email database, mailings to local residents, roadside variable message trailers, a plan webpage and social media. The Evergreen trails plan is currently in draft form to be adopted in 2015, and will qualify Evergreen for lottery backed GOCO construction funding. Implementation of the Evergreen trails plan is expected to significantly increase walking and biking in the Evergreen area through infrastructure connections and associated wayfinding signage improvements.

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